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Through the leadership of Siegfried Klassen and Alejandro Fernández, To All Nations has played an instrumental part in advancing a discipleship movement throughout Latin America. 

In partnership with the Dr. Billie Hanks and the International Evangelism Association, To All Nations has served to connect more almost two-thirds of the Latin America with effective training in disciple-making. The To All Nations team is consistently visiting countries, liaising with church and seminary leaders, to provide a much needed service to the church. 

Please see our gallery for some of our recent activity. 



A passion of Siegfried's has always been to support the local church in Uruguay. Almost all pastors in Uruguay are working full-time jobs elsewhere to support their ministry and rarely have opportunities to partake in any pastoral development. Few pastors in Uruguay will ever go to seminary or bible college. 

To All Nations is continually bringing teams of pastors from Canada, the US and Germany to help support the local church with teaching.

Please see our gallery for some of our recent activity.


To All Nations' facilities in Uruguay, "Eagles Wings", is a conference centre designed to host pastors and their families for training. Most pastors in Uruguay greatly benefit from an offsite training retreat and the Eagles Wing base has been in development for some time to expand its offerings to the local church. 

We are always look for short-term missions trips with individuals eager to help us construct facilities to assist the church in this respect.



The "E" in YES is for Equipping Churches. 

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